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Monday, October 26, 2009

Caroline's 6 Months: Part 2

Caroline and her family have become special to Sarah and I. We have been meeting up with them during Caroline’s first year of life to capture her continuous changes. Our sessions are always full of sharing stories and comparing notes as new parents. Being new parents ourselves we completely understand how fast changes occur.

This session we enjoyed the beautiful fall and took Caroline outside. As you can see sweet hats complement little girls like icing on an already perfect cake. I am so excited for Caroline’s parents and continue to be amazed at how fast our children grow.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Caroline=6 Months!!!

Just last week I took my family to our very first family picture session. We followed Betsy King around as she guided and directed us through our photo shoot. I was amazed at all of the excitement and anxiousness I felt after the session was over. I can't wait to see my families pictures!!!

A few days later Sarah and I headed back to Quinn and Jody's home to shoot Caroline's 6 month photo session. I now know what it is like to keep the photographer's blog up on my computer while hitting the refresh key on the hour so I wanted to give a quick sneak peek at Caroline's photo shoot so we can give that refresh key a break.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Gabe + Michelle = Wedding

With the wedding of Gabe and Michelle, my wedding season has ended but not without inspiring me. I always intend to inspire others but I often find myself as the inspired one. Working with my clients gives me insight to their lives and their stories.

Everyone has a story and Gabe and Michelle are no different. Gabe and Michelle joined hearts in the beautiful Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum in Auburn, Indiana. On the staircase of the historic showroom floor family and friends witnessed the joining of their families.

I had a great year watching the weddings of beautiful couples such as Gabe and Michelle and I am thankful for the inspiration they bring me. I still have one more wedding story to blog about so check back to see Eric and Leah's beautiful Ohio wedding.