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Monday, October 29, 2007


Although I often hate to find myself on the business end of a camera lens, sometimes it is "reqired". As for this shot, a self portrait, I must post only to have it available to use in future blogging.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Hope City

Everyone has a story yet the stories from the victims of Hurricane Katrina are amazing. Stories like a husband/father watching the bodies of his wife and children floating past him as he hangs onto a tree. Or of the many families that waited the storm out in their attics as the water levels rise. Nobody expected the water to rise over 20 feet like it did. Nobody expected so much devastation. Even two years later the Gulf Coast still needs help rebuilding. Last week I went with a group of nearly 30 people to help. We framed up a house for Richard and his wife. To see Richard’s smile from ear to ear was enough to keep us motivated and encouraged. Mid week Richard brought over a 25 pound Red fish to share with the group. It was an experience we wont soon forget.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Can you hear me now?

So it is time to renew my Verizon cell phone contract. I must have picked the busiest evening to do it because I waited an hour before I gave up. During my waiting I wandered the store and played with all the cool phones. During that process I called my current phone from several display phones to "try them out". For the past two days I have received more calls from the display phones than any others. People, while waiting their hour, are hitting redial on the display phones! I was dumb enough in the beginning to call back the unknown number thinking it could be a potential future client. Of course nobody answered so I left a voicemail. So as my new cost effective marketing strategy I am going to go to all the Verizon stores and put my phone number in all the call logs. Who knows, I might get a potential bride to call me!