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Monday, September 24, 2007

Capture and Creativity

I ventured to Chicago as part of a two weekend adventure. Yesterday I was inspired by Clay Blackmore and Jane Conner-Ziser as they showed ways to perfect every aspect of the portraiture craft. It was a great time with plenty of practical insight as well as opportunities for laughter. Clay has now officially broken four chandeliers on this tour. Jane showed off the impressive technique of creating paintings with our images. It is a very time consuming process with breathtaking results. Even with the fun we couldn't forget why the tour took place. These two amazing artists took to the road in honor of Monte Zucker who passed away earlier this year. Monte was known as the dean of the traditional-style wedding photographers for his classic posing and lighting techniques. He was know for his willingness to teach and share his knowledge to others. Next weekend I will finish up my Chicago adventures by meeting with Will Crockett. Will has written several books as well as video series on posing and lighting techniques. I look forward to getting my hands dirty and filling up some camera cards with Will.