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Monday, October 8, 2007

Can you hear me now?

So it is time to renew my Verizon cell phone contract. I must have picked the busiest evening to do it because I waited an hour before I gave up. During my waiting I wandered the store and played with all the cool phones. During that process I called my current phone from several display phones to "try them out". For the past two days I have received more calls from the display phones than any others. People, while waiting their hour, are hitting redial on the display phones! I was dumb enough in the beginning to call back the unknown number thinking it could be a potential future client. Of course nobody answered so I left a voicemail. So as my new cost effective marketing strategy I am going to go to all the Verizon stores and put my phone number in all the call logs. Who knows, I might get a potential bride to call me!


Charissa said...

you're hilarious. :-)
thank you for making me laugh today!