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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Grandpa and Carolyn

A visit that doesn’t come often enough. My grandfather and his new bride Carolyn came to Indiana after driving from Texas to visit with her family in Albion Indiana. They asked if I would take their first “Professional” pictures as husband and wife. What an honor! My grandfather was my best man at my wedding, and now eight years later I am taking his pictures just four months after his wedding. I am excited to see their love and happiness for each other as it continues to grow. Grandpa and Carolyn, we had a great time hanging out with you two and look forward to meeting back up this weekend.


info said...

Great photos, good eye Matt.

Your blog is cool and wide... was that a html hack?

Anonymous said...

Carolyn is a good DEAR FRIEND of mine her and Danny look good for each other GREAT PICTURES Donna R In Irving