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Friday, August 8, 2008

Amanda + Cops

I feel like it I have been neglecting my blog. Your patients have paid off and have been appreciated. In the next week we are shooting several Senior sessions as well as an engagement shoot. So if you have been waiting to see more of our amazing pictures the wait is over.

Tonight we had a great time and experience shooting Amanda and her boyfriend Will’s Senior pictures. We shot at one of my favorite locations and ran into some great light during what photographers call the “golden hour”. Great light isn’t the only thing we ran into during the shoot. We had the privilege of running into the angry owner of the location we shot at. His anger brought the presence of the local police and after a brief discussion of how beautiful his buildings are, which he didn’t think they were, we packed up and headed to our second location. As we pulled out we saw that the angry owner had called for back up and I couldn’t resist taking a quick picture of the police waiting around the corner.

Amanda we had a great time taking your Senior pictures. You have inspired us to grow as photographers and we can’t wait to show you more pictures from your session.

***Stay tuned for Amanda’s boyfriend Will’s Senior pictures!***