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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fast Track Photographer

I did it! I finished the book Fast Track Photographer by Dane Sanders. Anyone who knows me knows I have trouble finishing books. I have good intentions of finishing a book when I buy it. I love the thought of ending a long busy day with my feet up reading a book. However this typically ends up leading to falling asleep while reading. I have also tried reading first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee. This too has been unsuccessful because I haven’t figured out a good way to hold a hot mug and hold open a book at the same time. I love both too much!

I have a bookshelf full of great books that came highly recommended. They each have their own bookmarks that stay in near the middle of the book. Today however, I finished Fast Track Photographer. This book is absolutely a must read for a photographer who is considering taking their photography to a business level. I learned through this book that if I want to grow a successful photography business I must learn who I am as a person. Without clear understanding of who I am as a person my photography business would be unfocused and misguided. It was a great book and I know there are a few others on my bookshelf that beg to be finished. I think I might finish up Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi.

Get a copy of this amazing book at and get your photography moving!