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Thursday, November 26, 2009


Because today is the day of giving thanks I wanted to say a big thanks to all of my clients who so generously give me the chance live out my passions and dreams. Without the encouragement you have given me I would not be the person I am today.

Today is also our little Ainsley’s first Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving around our house the past five years has been loaded with family packed into our home. With nearly 15 people I quickly run out of room to stack them so most choose the floor to sleep on. With all of the noise, crowdedness, and lots of dishes I found myself enjoying those few days a year when everyone comes over to my house for food and fun.

This year nobody came over. It was a slow and quiet day with just the three of us. We did spend a few hours over at my brother-in-laws house but most of the day was spent with my new three-person family. It was a welcome change of pace and a day full of thanksgiving for me as I am surrounded by the two people that mean the world to me.

Here are a few shots of my little Thanksgiving.

The day started off by mom doing a little bit of “Pre-Black Friday” shopping. She got up at 4:30 to snag this cool noisemaker of a table for Ainsley at half price. By the time Ainsley woke up we had it set up for her to begin the play of a new toy.

Because this was Ainsley’s first Thanksgiving Sarah and I have been doing a lot of talking about traditions. Today we started our first Thanksgiving tradition of drawing turkeys by tracing our hands on construction paper. It was obviously difficult for a 6 ½ month old to hold her hand still but we made it through it. Once we finished coloring each of us wrote a few things we are thankful for this year. The goal is to do this every year and write down five things we are thankful for. We will move this to small index cards in the future. It will be fun to read through all of them and see how our kids change their priorities over the years.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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