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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Joel and Rose

Joel placed a small bible, guitar pick and a proposal letter expressing his love for her in a cigar box and buried it under the shade of a tree. Several months later Joel returned to that spot, but this time with his girlfriend. From the moment he started to read the letter their lifelong journey began. On Sunday Joel and Rose were married at the beautiful Tippecanoe Mansion in South Bend Indiana. I was honored to be a part of the Mike Larson Team along with Mike's wife Rachael and Chicago photographer Kenny Kim. We had a great time capturing the love between Joel and Rose. Mike and Kenny have such amazing talent, and I blessed to have them as friends.

I stole this great shot from Mike's blog....

At the end of the evening, 12:30ish, Kenny snapped this shot of us before we exchanged hugs and left to get some sleep. You guys are amazing people!


rachel larson said...

What a fun wedding! I LOVE your pictures of it!! Thank you so much, Matt, for everything. You were such a blessing to us that day!

Bobbi said...

Matt... that shot of them THROWING the groom in the air... ARE YOU KIDDDDDDDING ME?!

These rock :)