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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kyle and Britta - Wedding

With their closest friends circled around them, they took a vow that tied two families together. Their love for each other poured out and spread joy to all who attended. Family and friends gathered outside the church, Kyle gave Britta one final dip and a kiss before peeling off in a restored Camaro to the reception. The clouds parted in the sky letting the sun shine through just in time for the party!

Music filled the streets of Pierceton with DJ service by Kenny K DJ. This man has an amazing talent to get a party going, and keep it going… I can’t wait to work with him again in the future.

Britta and Kyle, thank you for choosing us to document your special day. Being able to capture your day has been a blessing to us.


Adam Garland said...

Great photographs. I think my favorite is the photo of the church with the fish eye. I think it's a fish eye.

What are you shooting with?

Matt Hall said...

Thanks Adam! I shoot with Nikon brand cameras. At this wedding I was using a D200 and a D300. The fisheye is new to my bag so you will be seeing more of it in a couple of weeks when I shoot with Mike Larson. (

Adam Garland said...

Nikon > Canon

I currently use a Kodak but I'm saving up for a D80 or a D40X